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The secret symbols of the icon "LAST JUDGMENT" (ENGLISH)

NEWSoft cover, 80 pages, large format; A. Golubkova

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During several years a big icon board (2×1.6 meters) was sitting in our icon painting
workshop. The customer didn’t take it from the joinery and either accidentally or by
the Gods will it came to our place. It was pretty hard to lift it on the 11th floor, where
our workshop is placed. At first we couldnt decide what kind of icon should be paint
on it. And suddenly we received an order to paint the icon “Last Judgment” the same
exact size! They say, its already foreordained that each icon should be painted on a
particular board, but people dont know about it until a certain time.
We received the order in 2014 and started to paint the icon with a great joy. We
took the icon Last Judgment from the Solivychedodsk`s History and Art museum,
painted by the Pskov`s iconographer of the XVI century , which was painted for the
cathedral of Annunciation, as the sample. The icon is painted in a traditional style.
Thanks to the director and the staff of the museum we had an opportunity to have a
look at the original icon, make the sample of the colors and some sketches. We also
made some high-quality pictures, which are published in the book.
We examined the iconography of the Last Judgment in detail, applied the image,
gilded the icon, put it together by color and made the inscription for about one year
and a half. Now the icon is placed in the Holy Annunciation Nikandor`s hermitage.
This book is the last stroke in the icon Last Judgment. The reproductions of the
ancient icon, the picture of the new one and a short art history study on the iconography
of the Last Judgment and the description of some fragments are represented in
the book.


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