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Natalya Pustylnik (Moscow): Gilding and ornaments

Natalya Pustylnik (Moscow): Gilding and ornaments

Natalya Pustylnik (RUSSIA, MOSCOW)


Natalya Alexeevna Pustylnik is an icon-painter and a gilder. Nowadays she works at Yekaterina Ilyinskaya icon painting school in Moscow. Natalya Pustyl’nik graduated in 2014 and obtained a degree in Church and Historic Painting (Icon Painting Faculty), then she studied in an icon painting workshop at St Nikolas in Klenniki Church, which was founded in Soviet period by Nun Juliania (Sokolova), a famous icon painter, restaurateur and gilder of XX century.

Natalya Pustylnik is a teacher of gilding, she also organizes master-classes and lessons of gilding not only in Russia but abroad as well. Natalya says: ‘we have organized master classes in Finland, in the foreseeable future we are planning to launch them in Ukraine, Greece and Italy. I usually do poliment gilding, however, in special cases I use mordant technique. I teach the technology of СsmoothТ and СcarvedТ gilding. In the future, IТm planning to launch master-classes in technology of double-gliding, plaster gesso, cold enamel. Beside teaching, we produce agate buffer bits, diverging patterns, movable dies, caulking chisels for carved and smooth gilding. IТm glad to present my portfolio in gilding and ornament to our partners, “Kolomenskaya Versta”

The catalogue Divine Temple 2016 (2) with works of Natalia


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