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NEW Coptic icons: Dr. Stephane Rene

NEW Coptic icons: Dr. Stephane Rene

Dr.Stephane Rene. New Coptic Icons

Stéphane René is a leading exponent of the Neo-Coptic School. He studied under the school’s founder, the late Prof. Isaac Fanous, at the Institute of Coptic Studies, Cairo. He received his PhD from the Royal College of Art, London, in 1990. He teaches regular classes and leads workshops internationally. He supervises doctoral research in iconography at the Princes School of Traditional Art, London, and is the director ofSacred Space Galleryat St Johns Notting Hill, London. His work can be found in Coptic, Anglican and Catholic churches in Europe and the USA. Below are a few examples of his work.

Angel of Christ's_Baptism (detail)_preview.jpeg

Angel of Christ's Baptism (thedetail)

Archangel Mikhail (detail)_preview.jpeg

Archangel Mikhail (the detail)


Archangel Gabriel; The Annunciation (thedetail)

Feeding _Five_Thousand (detail)_preview.jpeg

Feeding FiveThousand (the detail)


Isaiah is receiving coal (the detail)


The Pantocrator

St Kyrillos_VI_preview.jpeg

St. Kyrillos

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