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Where you can study the icon-painting with Russian Masters

Where you can study the icon-painting with Russian Masters

(We recommend)

1. Icon-painting school SOFIA (Moscow) (Anna)


2. Georgy Gashev (St. Petersburg)

Advanced Course for Icon Painters with the Russian MasterGeorgy Gashev
Sankt Ignatius Theological Academy in Sweden organized the course for icon painters who desire to observe, imitate and learn from the Russian master Georgy Gashev. The dates of the course were May 16-21 2016 and the place was the spacious Gottsunda Church located in the old spiritual capital of Sweden, Uppsala. If you are interested, please contact the course administrator Johannes Pulkkanen by

The second Course was at August -September 2016,Pittsburgh, USA. You can contact wih

3. Anton and Ekaterina Daineko (Belarus);
Their icons were published in the bookModern Orthodox Icons

4. Andrey Zharov (Belarus): very rareIcon-painting technique - encaustic (cold and hot); Author of several articles on our site (" Binders in the technology of icon painting.";" Technique encaustique dans la pratique moderne de la peinture d'icônes."(French),Encaustic technique in modern practice of icon painting.Andrei Zharov (English))a participant of the catalogueDivine Temple 2016 (2)


St Evdokia (Wax tempera) A Zharov.JPG

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